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Hey, Colin Kaepernick: Some People Stand for ALL National Anthems!

August 29, 2016

NFL star Colin Kaepernick is so full of himself.

He refused to stand during “The Star Spangled Banner” at an NFL preseason game on August 25, 2016, because of his viewpoint that America oppresses blacks and minorities, adding that “it would be selfish [of me] to look the other way.”

Colin, it seems to me you’re being even more selfish in choosing not to at least respect the fact that you are an American. Ways to address neverending issues such as racism exist, but failing to stand up for a national anthem – especially your own – isn’t the best way to protest it. It’s no wonder you got a tremendous amount of backlash from a lot of people, from the general public to military soldiers to even Victor Cruz, who questioned the propriety of your actions, on or off the playing field.

Maybe you should just step off of the NFL playing grounds for a bit and be grateful and lucky that you’ve even gotten to make millions of dollars doing what you do, which most of the rest of us – practically every single freaking one of us – dreams of doing.

And I’m willing to bet that as far as any sport in the world is concerned, pro or not, people who attend or even watch or listen to games from any regular season sport, special events like the Olympics, the FIFA World Cups, the World Baseball Classic, and the like, actually DO stand up for every national anthem played over the PA speakers or performed by fill-in-the-blank talented singers/instrumentalists, regardless of nationality. Heck, I’ve stood up at MLB games for “O, Canada” (the Canadian national anthem) as well as the SSB and “God Bless America” years ago!

Anyway, rant over, over and out.